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Junk / Debris Removal


  Wether you have a few  items or an acre of debris, from your household  to your yard, Gutter Monkey Inc has a solution to help you clear up your clutter.


  We provide debris removal services for  many financial institutions , property management and realty companies on there default and abandoned properties, As well as many residential and commercial clients. We are well versed on proper disposal and pricing.


  Gutter Monkey doesn't just come in and take your junk and debris off to the dumps we have a multi stage process of disposing of your unwanteds. As we load if anything looks like it may not belong in the trash we ensure to ask the client before hauling it off. After the junk / debris are cleared out and loaded we then sweep up or rake the area where junk was located leaving the area as clean as possible, like the junk never was there. Then before anything goes off to the landfill we seperate out the hazards like tires,batteries, paint and pesticides to ensure proper disposal and to keep these hazards out of our landfills. Then we seperate out recyclables and we then donate whatever items are in donatable condition, Even yard debris are recycled all in an effort to reduce both our companies carbon footprint as well as limit what goes into our landfills.  





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