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Gutter Monkey Inc of Durham NC


  Gutter cleaning in Durham, NC is an important step to take in total home maintenance. Although seemingly simple it is actually a serious task requiring both know how and the proper tools to complete. Gutter Monkey Inc of Durham is your solution we are a fully insured gutter cleaning company with the knowledge, tools and skill to properly get the job done. 

   Cleaning clogged gutter and down spouts is a very quick and inexpensive way to prevent potential damage to your home. With Durham NC having so many wooded areas and being subject to those intense southern down pours it is very important to have your gutters and down spouts cleaned out often. When gutters clog water sits and attracts pests such as mosquitoes. Worse then that as the water builds up it will need to spill out at some point. This can lead to costly home damage. Water that runs behind your gutter system will rot out wood, stain siding and even enter walls and wreck havoc on your foundation if left unattended.


What to expect:

  We use many techniques when it comes to gutter cleaning but mostly rely on good old fashion hand cleaning. We have found that although tools are very helpful and sometimes necessary when cleaning gutters nothing works as effectively as our hands at clearing out clogs and debris. After we clear all of the debris out we then flush the entire gutter system and down spouts with water. This not only removes any smaller debris left behind and ensures down spouts are flowing non-restrictively it also shows if there's "pooling" caused by a pitch problem. If we determine there is a pitch problem we will simply try to readjust that section. Sometimes there is something more in-depth going on with the gutter system and we will then discuss the options to remedy problem with you the home owner. We always clean up any and all messes related to the gutter cleaning and will provide pictures of job upon customers request. 




Zip codes for gutter cleaning around Durham :

27278 27503 27509 27510 27513 27514 27515 27517 27519 27522 27523 27560 27599 27612 27613 27617 27623 27676 27701 27702 27703 27704 27705 27706 27707 27708 27709 27710 27711 27712 27713 27715 27717 27722

Areas We Cover Around Durham :

Rolesville, Youngsville, Creedmoor, Oxford, Knightdale, Raleigh, Clayton, Garner, Bahama, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill

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